Saturday, August 14, 2010

Di Antara Peluang Buat Duit Dengan Tone Excel

Di Antara Peluang Buat Duit Dengan Tone Excel

Salam Sejahtera,

Saya telah menjumpai satu perniagaan prepaid yang pada pendapat saya
satu perniagaan yang mempunyai peluang amat cerah untuk maju dimasa
akan datang iaitu perniagaan Prepaid Tunetalk. Ia merupakan produk
seterusnya selain daripada AirAsia, TuneHotel dan lain-lain lagi.

Kini anda juga berpeluang untuk sama-sama berkembang dengan Tone Excel
disamping menjana pendapatan yang lumayan dan berterusan. Untuk
maklumat lanjut tentang peluang perniagaan ini sila layari :

Salam Usahawan


Tuesday, December 05, 2006


  1. Dapat mengubati penyakit kencing manis.
  2. Dapat mengubati penyakit darah tinggi.
  3. Dapat mengubati penyakit lemah jantung.
  4. Dapat mengubati penyakit buah pinggang


Ambil kesemua pokoknya termasuk akar dan buahnya lalu direbus sehingga mendidih.Setelah dingin minumlah airnya 2 kali sehari.

Saturday, December 02, 2006


Diurectics are medicines that help to remove excess water from the body,through the urine.They act on the kidneys,which control the amount of water circulating in the body.

These are three main types of diurectic:-

  • Thiazides, which cause moderate increase in water excretion and are suitable for long -term use.
  • Loop diurectic,which are fast acting and usually used during emergencies.
  • Potassium-sparing diurectics,which are milder and are often prescribed with the other two types of diurectics.

Diurectics may be used as part of treatment for conditions that cause swelling from water retention, such as:-

  • edema
  • high blood pressure
  • heart failure
  • liver disease
  • kidney disease
  • glaucoma


  1. Dapat menyembuhkan penyakit karang.
  2. Dapat menyembuhkan penyakit kencing berdarah.
  3. Dapat menyembuhkan penyakit beser/dedas.
  4. Dapat menyembuhkan penyakit kencing manis.
  5. Dapat menghentikan anak-anak kencing malam.
  6. Dapat mengubati penyakit kuning /demam kuning.


bagi no 1,2 dan 6

Ambil pohonnya berserta akarnya sekali, kemudian tumbuk sehingga lumat(bubuh sedikit air) lalu ambil airnya dan diberi minum kepada pesakit.

bagi no 3,4 dan 5

Ambil pohonnya berserta akarnya, lalu dijemur sehingga kering,setelah itu rebuslah dan minumlah airnya...


Lantai berminyak memang menjadi masalah kepada kita,Jika anda dapati lantai berminyak cepat-cepat mengesatnya dengan kain buruk.Setelah itu taburkan sedikit serbuk sabun,bersihkan dengan kain buruk yang telah dicelup dengan air yang bercampur garam,lakukan beberapa kali sehingga lantai anda benar-benar kering...

Skin care

  • In the bath, remove the outer layer of dead skin cell by rubbing a loofah or washcloth in cicular motion on your skin.This will help skin look fresher
  • eat balanced diet supplemented with zinc ans vitamin a,c, and e.
  • Lubricate the skin from the inside by drinking plenty of water : at least six to eight glasses per day .Cut down on tea ,coffee and alcohol, which can causes water loss.
  • Use an anti-perspirant or talcum powder to keep the skin cool and dry.
  • Allergies,hormonal imbalances ,infection or stress can cause skin disorders.Consult your doctor, especially if there is any abnormal bruising or if suspicious moles appear.
  • Get sufficient sleep everyday. Fatigue is reflected in skin's condition.
  • Always remove makeup before going to bed.
  • Exercise frequently. exercise makes skin glow by encouraging blood circulation and increasing the oxygen supply.People who exercise regularly have better skin tone and texture and fewer wrinkles.
  • Don't smoke.It's bad for health and hastens ageing.
  • In humid weather, wear loose cotton clothes to prevent skin irritation.


  • Sapu bilik mandi atau parit itu terlebih dahulu.
  • Sebelum tidur taburkan sedikit sebuk kapur rata-rata.
  • Renjiskan sedikit air di atasnya.
  • Biarkan semalaman. Pada esok hari barulah di berus simen tersebut dan cuci dengan air bersih. Anda akan dapati simen dan parit di rumah anda akan putih dan kelihatan bersih.

Friday, December 01, 2006


your skin is your body's guard,protecting your internal organs against bacteria,chemicals and external shock.It is also the body's thermostat,regulating the body's temperature through the sweat glands.How you take care of your skin is reflected in its present condition and in years to come

  • Bathe at least once a day with soap and water cleanse your face at least twice a day;in the morning and before you retire to bed in the evening.Avoid harsh soaps and long periods.Use soap suitable for your skin type.
  • Shower immediately after swimming so that salt water and chlorine won't irritate or dry your skin.
  • Pat off sweat with a clean towel to prevent irritation.Do not share towels or clothes as skin infections can be passed through these.


Kononnya al kisah sahdan apabila ia berlaku, maka dikatakan oleh orang-arang tua menyatakan setiap 40 tahun akan berlaku banjir besar di negara kita,dikatakan dahulu banjir amat besar sehingga menengelamkan tempat-tempat yang rendah terutamanya di tepi sungai,macam kelantan,terengganu, johor,kl dan sewaktu dengannya..Ada cerita menyatakan NAGA TASIK CHINI akan keluar ke laut untuk bersiar-siar sebab lama sangat bertapa,maka dikata sekelian pawang,tok dukun dan nujum menunggu akan perkara tersebut untuk mendapat GELIGA NAGA TERSEBUT,sesiapa mendapatkannya dia lah yang paling berkuasa di dunia perpawangan....Siapa lah yang dapat kot...GELIGA NAGA TANAH MELAYU....MESTILAH ORANG MELAYU...


Jika anda mencuci bilik mandi ,titikkan sedikit syampu pada lantai bilik mandi anda setelah itu barulah dicuci,anda akan dapati bilik mandi anda akan berbau harum..


Osteoporosis can lead to an increase in fractures of the wrist,hip or pelvis. If a spinal fracture occurs you may develop:-

-A "dowager's hump"
-Loss of height
-Chronic back pain

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

makan air petua dari kitab1000 hikmat

Banyak orang mengalami penyakit makan air, pada kebiasaannya makan air itu menjadi pada tempat-tempat yang berlecah atau pada tempat yang yang terhimpit, seperti di jari-jari kaki dan tangan ,untu mengubati cuba lah petua di bawah:-

1. Minyak niyor
3. Bawang putih

Bawang putih ditumbuk kemuudian direndamkan di dalam cuka dan tuangkan minyak niyor- biarkan lama, minyak inilah disapukan pada celah-celah jari yang merkah itu...

Jika diizinkan Allah ada kesannya...

reducing back pain

The national athletic trainers' association (NATA) in united state has perpared a 10 step gide that people of all ages can use to reduce body stress,prevent back pain and thereby improve quality of life. NATA represents certified athletic trainers who were among the more than 80 professions honoured diring Allied Health Professions week earlier this month.
The human body is an incredible machine that adapts to the stresses we give it every day,,said certified athletic trainer Darrell Barnes and performance centre coordinator, St vincent sports performance center in Indianapolis, Indiana, Stresses such as poor posture and a sedentary lifestyle lead to brake down and pain. Disability from back pain is second only to the common cold as a cause of lost work time.
According to the Arthritis Foundation,back pain affects 80% of the American adult population at some point in their lives, In fact , back pain, limited mobility and stffness end up costing American consumers US$24 bil(RM87.7bil) in treatment costs annually.

The following are recommendations to prevent and reduce back pain:

  1. Identify negative stresses- Everybody has physical limitations that can lead to body imbalances, so it's important to identiflying problematic areas and correct these imbalances. Look at your sitting/stnading posture, Do you complain that your muscles "feel tight" or weak ? do you use poor mechanics when lifting heavy items?
  2. Make yourself mobile-Poor posture and muscle stiffness decrease the body's ability to move freely,Which can lead to injury or pain. there are many ways to increase mobility including daily stretches or activities that increase flexibility and get the body moving in different directions. Try Yoga ,Tai chi,swimming or pilates to keep you limber.
  3. Increase strength-It's important to get strong to improve overall balance and flexibility to reduce stress on the black,Exersice should invovle the whole body, especially the core muscle of the stomach,back,hips and pelvis. At the same time, strengthening of the legs and shoulders can help you more easily squat, lift and carry even heavy items without overworking or injuring your back.
  4. Add aerobic exercise-Physical activities like walking,swimming and running for at least 20 minutes three times a week increases muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness. aerobic activities also improve blood flow to the spine and help decrease daily stress.
  5. Pay attention to posture-Try not to sit or drive for long periods of time. Get up every 15 to 30 minutes and move around or stretch to increase your mobility. When seated always remember to keep your hips and knees at right angles to one another and find a chair with adequate lumbar(lower back) support.
  6. Stand up straight-When engaged in activities while standing. be sure to stand with your head up, shoulder straight,chest forword and stomach tight,Aviod standing in the same position for too long, though and use your legs- rather than your back-when pushing or pulling heavy doors and other items.


Hobby saya memancing, menjala,menjaring,memukat ikan atau burung,melancong,melihat hutan ,air terjun ,sungai,tasik, laut,,,,
Kat laut suka memancing, melanggai udang kertas, menjaring ikan,mengisa,,,,,,....mandi laut,...

Burung kegemaran untuk perut...Punai Dahan ,Punai tanah...

Ikan kegemaran kerisi,...

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Istimewanya manusia(sentiasa berkenderaan)

sebelum lahir ke dunia ia berada di tulang sulbi bapanya dan tulang dada ibunya...tulang sulbi bapa dan tulang dada ibu itu kenderaannya...
setelah bersatu ia berada di dalam rahim ibunya...rahim ibunya itulah kenderaannya....
setelah lahir kedunia dokongan ibu dan bapanya itulah kendaraannya...
setelah meningkat usia pundak bapanya itulah kenderaannya;;;;;;;......
setelah mati,,,,....kerandalah kenderaannya....

oh istimewanya manusia .....

Petua mengenai rawatan resdung

Yang paling mudah dan berkesan ialah mengamalkan menyedut air ke dalam hidung( seperti berwuduk).Kemudian picit sebelah hidung dan hembuskan sekuat hati,buatlah sekerap yang boleh sehingga selesa,kesannya amat menakjubkan..

nak tahu lebih lanjut layari laman

Khasiat isi cekor merah

Ianya dapat mengubati penyakit:
  1. Kencing manis.
  2. Darah tinggi.
  3. Penyakit-penyakit kulit.

Ambil isi cekor merah sebesar jari manis sepanjang 1/2 cm lalu dimakan

Cara mengenalinya:

Ambil isi cekor itu dan gosokkan pada batang pisang yang telah dipotong,jika kelihatan kemerahan airnya ianya adalah cekor merah.